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The East Coast Glow Men's Line

We've wild-crafted the new gold-standard luxury men's care.
From beard oil to shampoo, conditioner and
our signature Iceberg Soaps designed just for him .

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Treat them to pure luxury with the Glacial Blue Collection

There's a fragrance that's unique to the lush shoreline of Eastern Newfoundland. It's the intoxicating scent of salty sea air that has magically blended itself into morning dew-kissed trees and fresh wildflowers that decorate the Oceanside meadows.

It's a fragrance that is hard to name, yet impossible to forget.

We've captured that unforgettable essence with a powerful blend of essential oils and wild botanical oil infusions designed to drench your skin in pure luxury.

Balance Wildcrafted Body Serum

Shampoo + Conditioner

East Coast Glow Iceberg Water Daily Shampoo Gel is made from an iceberg water solution of wildcrafted botanicals, pure peppermint and rosemary essential oils, and B vitamins.

Our pure cleansing gel will gently cleanse your hair with mild, plant-based cleansers and we’ve spiked it with plant keratin - a highly insoluble protective protein composed of 18 amino acids, to maintain the moisture balance of the hair.

Your hair will sparkle, shine and bounce – totally vegan and totally awesome.

pH balanced, plant-based and wild-crafted haircare.

There's a special something that comes from being surrounded by the pure unspoiled beauty of nature.

It occurs when you live at the edge of the earth with nothing but it's rugged pureness and all of its glorious bounty to inspire you.

It’s there that amazing things are bound to happen - it inspires a special glow in those lucky enough to experience it, and it's known as that East Coast Glow.